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We are not responsable for the printing / typing errors.
a. If the error is in the description and it is important, the lot will be withdrawn.
b. If the error is a lower starting price (i.e. 10€ instead of 100€) the lot will not be withdrawn but it will not be sold for a price under the correct starting price (100€ to the example). In the auction hall the error will be announced.
c. If the error is a bigger starting price (i.e. 100€ instead of 10€) the lot will be withdrawn.


We do not accept and never have any reserves to the starting price except to correct a type / printing error (see case b. above) and in the auction hall it will be anounced.


Bid early. In case of equal biddings, the first arrived to us is the winner.


If you bid (and win) at starting price or if you buy unsold lots, you pay the same price. Waiting for unsold lots you only decrease the possibility of success (somobody else could have bought it at the starting price!).


Vlastos auctions
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